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MXON to RedBud 2018?

European MX news site MXLARGE is reporting that Redbud MX, in Buchanan, MI will host the 2018 Motocross of Nations the "Olympics of MX"

Full article and link re-posted below:

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From MX Large :

While we had the exclusive interviews with Giuseppe Luongo and Davey Coombs about the new deal made between Youthstream and MXSports, we had a typo in the interview with DC. I know I am the king of typo’s so its no surprise, but what I meant to say is the 2018 MXoN will be held at the famous Redbud circuit in America.

Red Bud MX is a motocross track located in Buchanan, Michigan, USA. The track is located just north of town, surrounded by the agricultural farming fields of Michigan. It is home to one of the largest motocross tracks in the midwest, is favorite to many pro riders, and is also known to have “The best dirt on earth.” The track attracts 30,000+ attendees every Fourth of July weekend for the Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championships.

The property Red Bud MX sits on was purchased in 1972 by Gene Ritchie and his wife Nancy with the Patterson and Miller families as partners. Gene, originally from Pennsylvania, had visited Buchanan on a snowmobiling trip. He saw the potential for a great motocross track in Buchanan, and within a few years he and his partners bought land on the east side of North Red Bud Trail, and began to build his track. They named the track Red Bud, after the name of the road the track sits on, the numerous Red Bud trees in the region, and because of Buchanan’s city nickname, Red Bud City.

Red Bud first began holding races in 1973 and held its first AMA National race in 1974 which was won by Mike Hartwig. 2010 was also the year that women’s races, the WMX, competed at their highest level.

The Red Bud track itself has been renovated and remodeled over the years but the infamous jump called LaRocco’s Leap still remains. LaRocco’s leap, constructed in 1991, is the tallest jump in the MX circuit standing at 120 feet (37 m) tall.

Named after Laporte, Indiana, native Mike LaRocco who was the inspiration for the jump and the first man to clear it. The Traxxas TORC Series held off-road truck and buggy races at the track from 2011 to 2013. The 2012 two-day weekend was the second event of the season and it was televised on Discovery Network’s Velocity channel.

There is an unofficial call and answer that has been adopted by Redbud fans and residents of southwestern Michigan. An individual will call, “ReeeedBuuuud!” and all the fans who hear will shout, “ReeeedBuuuud!” in return.

The call has become a chorus that can be heard throughout the summer in the RedBud community. RedBud is currently run by two of Gene and Nancy’s children, Amy Ritchie and Tim Ritchie. Gene Ritchie died on February 20, 2016, age 79.

Red Bud MX has three tracks: the professional motocross track and a KTM Kids track for younger riders. Along with a “Night track” used only on the Fourth of July national.

The big weekend of the year is Nationals weekend, visitors are allowed to camp out on the property every 4th of July weekend. There are spaces throughout the grounds for tents, campers, and RVs. During AMA Pro Motocross Nationals weekend, there are concession stands and food vendors from the local community selling food, water, and spirits. During regular race weekends there are also concessions and a few vendors as well.

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