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TRACKSIDE Talk: Morelands SX Night Racing

Located In Stanton, MI is the Open every day track Moreland's Supercross Park, is in the middle of their Sat. night "Under the lights" series, we sat down with track owner Grant Moreland for a rundown on the track and the night races

MIMX: Grant you started this Spring / Summer night race series last year but have done night races in the past, it looks like the turnouts are growing and the series is pretty successful, what has your feedback been from the riders?

Grant Moreland : Riders love it! Its gives them an opportunity to possibly satisfy other obligations on their Saturday's yet still get a moto fix during the evening hours. Another compliment is being able to practice on the track from 10am-6pm before-hand so a level of comfort and familiarity can be established. We have also made it very affordable with our $45 Practice/Race Special for those that want a full day of riding and racing at the ultimate bargain! We begin the day with a perfect track and then spend an hour grooming it before the night program begins so racers get a top-notch course. Our main goal is to operate a professional, efficient program and our veteran crew allows us to achieve that each week.

You're running the ATVs, Kids Quads, Minis and big bike AMA classes, right?

We offer 35 different classes to choose from during our night program. We try to stay consistent with AMA class structures to make for an easy transition while also incorporating classes that appeal towards new riders as well. By offering trail divisions and Open D, I feel that it opens up gate-ways for new riders to become involved in the racing aspect of the sport and I feel that benefits the entire industry. This largely stems from our "Open Every Day 10am-Dark" practice program allowing me the opportunity to reach out to new riders who would have otherwise never chosen to visit a track. I've always taken pride in introducing newcomers to motocross and have enjoyed watching them evolve into dedicated riders, racer and even national level competitors!

What's the biggest thing you'd like to tell a new rider wanting to come out and try racing for the first time at your track? (like maybe talk about the beginner friendly but still challenging parts of your track)

I'd tell them to take advantage of our open every day 10am-dark practice program. Gaining the necessary confidence and putting in the practice will greatly benefit any rider who plans to attend a race. We experience light volumes of riders during the week and it offers open ride in which you can enter and exit the track at will. This creates an atmosphere with little pressure to perform at any certain level or expectation while also providing maximum seat time. It also allows them to become accustomed to the track while learning at their own pace. This also goes for new riders who have never ridden on tracks before. Our track is very beginner friendly and offers small obstacles to help riders gain the necessary skills and confidence before tackling larger obstacles. On the flip side, we do offer larger jumps that can challenge expert level riders and makes it very exciting from a rider and spectator perspective.

So give us a rundown of the Night race series.

Our "Under the lights" night racing events are being offered as two separate 5-race series. Racers who attend at least 3 out of 5 races for any particular series are eligible for series ending awards. Each week points are updated until the 5 races are completed. Qualified racers will be eligible for series ending awards presented at an awards presentation. We do offer awards based on individual performances on a nightly event basis in the form of trophies, Moreland's Moto Money, and 100% cash payback towards all "A" Classes. Keep in mind there is absolutely no obligation to attend all races or any certain number as you can participate whenever it is convenient for you!

As mentioned, we offer practice for bikes and quads of all ages and skill levels on a daily basis, EVERY DAY 10am-Dark! It is $20 to become a member and then only $20 afterwards or you can do a day pass for $30. Members get Free Camping at our State-Licensed campground which is included in your practice fee! We host a Music festival that takes place July 13th-15th in which the park will be closed for open riding while the festival is taking place.

More information can be found on our website at and we also encourage all riders to follow us on Facebook at and Instagram! Thanks everyone!

Thanks for the update Grant and hope to see you at the races soon

Below are the Flyers for the Night race Series


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