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Race Report: Red Bud After Dark

With Larry Witmer calling the racing, and the smell of KB Grill cooking up food for racers and spectators, anyone that is a fan of the night racing during pro weekend will feel right at home at Red Bud in the next upcoming weekends.

Saturday night kicked off the first of three night races held by Red Bud in the month of June. The warm pre-summer weather was in full effect as the sun was setting down behind the Leap on the national track, and the racing was heating up going into the night.

The track was in great shape and the crew did an awesome job creating something fun for all riders to enjoy under the lights that are usually only kicked on during the pro national weekend in July. The track featured some tight and technical sections that would be similar to a supercross layout, with a few rhythm sections and 180 bowl corners towards the bottom of the hill; and some deep sand with splint lane sweeping corners that you would expect to see on a motocross track towards the top of the hill.

Close to 200 racers lined up behind the gate to get a taste of what Red Bud had to offer for the 33 classes running for that night. Great racing took place in classes ranging from 50cc beginner to Vet 45+. with names like Andy Sherwood taking the the checkers in 250A, and Austin Wagner taking the in Open A. Even our own Al Morrison was ripping up the terrafirma and throwing whips for the opening race weekend.

A 25 plus class as well as a 35 plus class was added to the list the day of the race, giving some faster vet riders a chance to race more than just one class.

Riders looking for a fun, NO MEMBERSHIP, outlaw SX race check out the RedBud after hours series, 2 races left June 10 & 17. then the Track will also run June 30 & July 1 during the pro weekend.