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TRACKSIDE Talk : Martin MX

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Located in Martin, Michigan right off of highway 131, Martin MX is a top motocross practice facility. Open every Saturday, Sunday, Wednesday and limited Thursdays, Martin MX boasts one of the best prepped tracks in Michigan. The soil is the perfect mix of clay and sand that ruts up nicely and offers maximum traction. The main practice track is designed for riders of all skill levels. New riders will feel comfortable while faster riders will still feel challenged. The track features a stadium triple, multiple tabletops, all tied together with fun sweepers and rollers that follow the natural flow of the land. The owner of Martin MX, Paul, was kind enough to answer some questions and give the Michigan Motocross community some details about his track!

MIMX: For those of us who don't know you, tell us a little bit about yourself and how you became the owner/operator at Martin MX?

Paul: I grew up around the area riding a Honda Trail 70 on the farm, and quickly grew a passion for racing and riding. I wrenched for my neighbor who was trying to race professionally and that really got me into motocross. I've had private tracks since 1989. Todd DeHoop would come out and ride. There's been 5-6 people trying to run Martin MX over the years. Eventually after previous promoters were burned out the land owners got ahold of me and I took over the reins. I thought I knew what I was doing but it was a huge learning curve. It's taken a few years and we're finally getting the hang of it.

MIMX: Martin MX is arguably one of the best prepped practice tracks in Michigan. Running a motocross practice facility is no easy task. What does it take to prep the track for every open ride?

Paul: We start out with the weather. We look at the weather and decide how much water to put down. We put thousands of gallons of water down and just try to get the right amount of moisture in the dirt. Sometimes on a hot day or during a dry spell it's about 80,000 gallons to get the track operational. The goal is to get that nice chocolate cake mix everyone is looking for. Back in my day riding in the dust was so bad, so it's much better than before. Dozer and tractor time depends on how rough the track gets. We always flatten the track out after every ride. To get the track ready and the jump faces resurfaced it takes about 4-6 hours. We want to make it special every time people come to the track. If it's going to be soft we let the riders know. If its too wet, we'll cancel. Honesty is the best policy.

MIMX: Martin MX is offering Thursday morning practice days. You don't typically see weekday morning practices in Michigan, tell us more about this limited time opportunity.

Paul: We've offered it up for Loretta Lynn Regional practice and for the people that get through to LL we want them to have extra practice on a rough track. It's more seat time. There's not many places open where the tracks are rough to get the guys ready. It gives everyone an opportunity to get more seat time and get ready for the summertime heat. We're running Thursdays all of June and July. We get a few pro's that come out as well. The tracks isn't as busy on Thursday mornings so people can get longer motos in. It rarely gets split up, just big bikes and mini's. We try to prep the dirt just like Red Bud. If you want to mimic another track out there, Red Bud is the track! What they've created is amazing.

MIMX: Have you ever thought about holding an outlaw race at Martin MX?

Paul: Two years ago we had Vurb Moto come out for a ride day, and they were in talks for hosting an outlaw race at Martin MX. The goal would be to run a race like the Frarken Gruven at Baja Acres. Limited classes, longer motos, in and out of there in a few hours. I'd like to get a big sponsor involved for the payout and we're still working on the infrastructure on site to make it a reality.

MIMX: You're always tweaking the track here and there. What goes into making the track flow so well and how do you know where to make changes?

Paul: It kind of comes to me, it gets old riding the same thing so I'll watch the riders and come up with new ideas. We put it together and change is always good if it works. Haha. I don't ride much but I can tell you what works and flows. I'm my biggest critic. I know what should work before anyone gets out there.

MIMX: Do you ever find time to do some riding yourself?

Paul: Once in awhile there will be a quiet morning and I will ride for a half an hour. If I go down, Martin MX goes down so I don't risk it. I still have the passion for it. Once you're a rider you're always a rider!

MIMX: Thanks for taking the time to tell us about Martin MX. Any final thoughts?

Paul: Come check us out, it's the same every time you come. We put in 110 percent effort every time. We try to give you race day conditions and we try to take care of you!


Photos Provided by Martin MX Website and Mike Russell check out Mike's website for

more photos from the track.


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