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MIMX July 4 - July 9th

This Week is Presented By Next Level Graphics, your #1 choice in custom graphics and apparel.  Click here for more info

 Sorry about the late update, Valley,  Red Bud and 80k steps with 2 rough motos took a bit out of us, look for reports later in the week.   

This week brings us a couple Money Motos and the FCA Ride A Thon, MPX Money Motos both days for Big bikes & Minis, and Sunday 2 stroke Money Moto at Big Air  See Posters below 

Click on the Track name for information also visit our FAQs page for info on costs, what GLMX and D14 are and Straight/Split programs are all about.

Week of July 4th - July 10th



Kress Training Center 11am -4pm with BBQ following 



Martin MX  3pm-8pm

Supercoop MX 4pm-8pm


Supercoop MX 4pm-8pm.


Race Big Air MX AMA-D14 Straight Program With FCA RIDE-A-THON

MPX Racing OUTLAW with Money Motos for Big Bikes and Minis 

Morelands SX (night race) practice 7pm races 8pm


Martin MX 11am-5pm

Supercoop MX 10am-4pm



Big Air MX- AMA-D14 Straight Program with 2 Stroke Money Moto

MPX Racing OUTLAW with Money Motos for Big Bikes and Minis  


Martin MX 12pm-5pm

Baja 12pm-5pm

Sandbox 12pm-5:30pm

Twisted MX  11am-5pm


Morelands Supercross 10-Dusk   (check Here for latest Updates )

Ogemaw  (contact via Phone (989) 685-2999 for updates)  


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