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One of Michigan's top riders growing up Timmy Badour was always a standout with his unique visor and style, with the support of his family and local dealerships, Timmy took moto wins and a career best of 2nd overall at the 2014 AMA National amateur championships at Loretta Lynns', Timmy now resides in GA and is a top trainer at Matt Walker's Moto X Compound, we caught up with Timmy right before Loretta's to talk about his riders, how he likes instructing, and about his plans for classes back here in Michigan.

MIMX: Timmy, it's been a couple years that you have been working down at Moto X Compound, how's it going down in GA and what exactly is your job?

Timmy: yeah, going on two years now and my job consists of on the bike training as well as handling the track work, dozing, watering, and designing new sections to better prepare the riders for each upcoming event.

MIMX: Sounds like you guys are in full LL prep, who are your standout riders we will be looking for at the ranch?

Timmy: we have quite a few stand out riders right now, just to name a few we have: Casey Cochran, Crockett Myers, Caleb carter, Drew Adams and many, many more.

MIMX: You kind of took a break from racing after a couple injuries, but we see you rebuilt a bike you got on craigslist, are planning on making a comeback, or just hitting a few races with your students?

Timmy: Yeah so the Compound closes down for the month of August so I'm coming home and I'm planing riding a lot at the sand dunes, local trails and tracks so I decided I wanted a 450 so i sold my 2017 Husqvarna TC 250 and picked up a 2013 RMZ 450 off Craigslist and built it out with some help of my sponsors, I don't plan to race but you will see me riding with friends at local tracks! I'm only riding for the same reason I started in the first place and that's to have fun.

MIMX: Your coming back after LL to Michigan and going to have a riding class at your place in near Harrison (Lake, MI), tell us what you will be working on with the riders, and who the class will benefit.

Timmy: I did a class the same time last year and had a lot of positive responses so I decided to do another class this year, expecting a good turn out, this class is meant for everyone and it's based off being a faster, safer, rider. It will benefit all ages and skill levels. We will work hard but also have a lot of fun on my personal track that will be fully prepped. food and drinks will be provided, should make for a great time for everyone.

MIMX: Awesome, we're sure the riders will benefit from your years of experience.

MIMX: Last Question, what is a piece of advice for up and coming Michigan riders?

Timmy: My advice would be to just have fun on the bike and challenge yourself, if you fall get back up with a smile, you're riding your dirt bike.

MIMX: Thanks for the time and look forward to Loretta's and hopefully your riders achieve success.

If you want more info contact Tim by phone 989-339-1707

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