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If you've been to a local fair that has a "Supercross " race, chances are that it was a SJO Productions race. The series spans 27 rounds in 20 different locations throughout the state , with each track is created from a blank slate. We talked to series promoter Mark Powers about the challenges and excitement of the series.

MIMX: Thanks for talking to us I know fair season is in full swing, tell us a little about SJO and the series

Mark : Thanks for giving us the opportunity. 2017 will be our 34th year of consecutive operations. My brother Matt and myself got involved back in 2001. We pride ourselves in running a efficient, professional and family-friendly events. One of the things I think is pretty cool about our series is all the different tracks and venues we race at.

MIMX: Sounds like July - September is really busy with 3-4 rounds some weeks, do the tracks get built each day ?

Mark : Yeah it gets really busy during fair season for sure! We have an awesome dedicated crew that makes it all possible. It's usually my brother and the crew showing up first thing in the morning and going to town designing and putting together the track for that night's race. Our dozer operator Willie has been with us for over 10 years and is amazing at running a dozer. Between the track build, bales, water, banners, staging and sign up trailer set up it can be a hectic day for sure. There are times when we have races back to back so my brother and Willie will leave after half time so they can be ready to go first thing the next morning.

MIMX: Wow that sounds like a lot of work going into the production of a one night event, and with the great turnouts where do all the racers come from?

Mark : Our racers come from all over. It's cool because we'll have the local racers to come out and have some fun at their local fair (yes you can enjoy access to the fair along with the racing ). We also have the devoted racers who follow our series chasing points to earn year end awards at our banquet. SJO has a killer banquet at the end of the year and huge awards for the racers that place in the top 10 in points for the season. It's really cool when the little kids get their year end trophies and it's twice as tall as they are! We have had countless riders into racing throughout the years. They'll come watch an event and then they'll try it and the next thing you know they're following our series.

MIMX: SJO Supercross racing Is a different environment than your standard MX race with the spectators able to see all the action from the stands, what do the riders say about that ?

Mark: That is the one of the coolest things about fair races the fans can see the whole track while spectating. It's super cool when the little 50 riders come racing out and the crowd goes crazy making them feel like they're superstars!

MIMX: With quite a few rounds left, what do you think are some of the big highlight races new riders or spectators should attend ?

Mark : We still have a lot of killer events coming up this season. I think if racers come out and check out one of our events they'll have a blast! They can get all of the information on our website:

MIMX: We know you couldn't do the series without the support of the sponsors and your crew, who would you like to give a shout out to?

Mark: For sure! It wouldn't be possible without them. Our title sponsor is Village Motorsports and our series sponsors are: Yamaha Motor Corp, Digitrace LTD, Fox Powersports, MCR Suspensions and mods, Shift racing, Team Babbitts, Fox racing, David Allen Racing Motorsports, My Auto Imports, S&S Combustion and Steam, MXDonations, and Zeigler Motorsports

MIMX: Thanks for the great SX series and look forward to hearing the cheers and seeing the intense racing soon .

SEE THE COMPLETE SJO Schedule Below and visit for all the info

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