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REVV UP August 5-6

Friday Rev Up is presented by : JP Speed

JP Speed is a motorsport shop located in Holly Michigan. Their main priority is providing a full spectrum of suspension service for motocross riders across the country. JP Speed Bumpworks is the custom suspension revalving division which will work with you to develop a suspension setup you will be confident to race hard with. They also offer repair and setup services for motorcycles, ATV’s, snowmobiles and watercraft. click HERE to visit JP SPEED


Even with the hot motos going on in Tennessee racing here in Michigan still goes on, with Cadillac MC is hosting round 3 of the MI State championships featuring Factory contingency from HONDA SUZUKI KTM HUSQVARNA

Dutch Sport Park has put some extra sand on their track to help with water retention and lines

Finally Moreland's SX has the penultimate round of their Summer series

under the lights

Check out the Racing this week from SJO Productions, Dutch, Cadillac, and Morelands

Click on the Track name for information also visit our FAQs page for info on costs, what GLMX and D14 are and Straight/Split programs are all about.



SJO Productions - Cassopolis Click here for more info


Supercoops 4pm-8pm



Dutch Sport Park - AMA GLMX