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2018 Track Tour : Portland Trail Riders Video

The 2018 Track Tour is Presented by FLY Racing : Established in 1998, FLY Racing began as a manufacturer of motorcycle handlebars and helmets. Since then, the brand has quickly developed into one of the fastest growing powersports apparel brands in the competitive North American market. FLY Racing products are distributed in 40+ countries worldwide; and in the United States exclusively by Western Power Sports (WPS, Inc.). Click here to find your nearest Michigan FLY Dealer


Welcome to the 2018 Track Tour!

This Week is : Portland Trail Riders

Click Here for a History of PTR by Heather Powers



Below is an Article about PTR by Heather Powers, Previously published in the D14 Newpaper.

You won’t believe your eyes. Ride through the track in your mind. You’re on the start straight and you’re getting ready for the sharp right. Now instead…GO LEFT! You’ll fly around a thirty-five-foot banked berm, but don’t look for Spectator Hill. It’s not there. The start has its own first turn and subsequent laps won’t cross the start. There’s now a blended left turn after the first corner. The other thing you won’t find at Portland are the low areas that were often mud bogs. The entire track has been elevated and is now above ground level, eliminating drainage challenges. There is also a new 50-foot tunnel leading to a fabulous spectator area.

In mid-October, renowned Michigan track builder, JEREMY BOOHER, designed then reconstructed the track, bringing his vision to life on our beautiful, historic property. The 2018 riding season will be one to remember. You can see GoPro footage of the new track on our Facebook page, Portland Trail Riders, or at

The track isn’t completely unrecognizable. The golf course section is still there but has been drastically improved by the addition of split lanes and safer jumps. Another new feature is a rhythm section along the corn field. There are multiple tabletops and jumps that will be fun for C riders yet will keep A/B riders on their toes. Portland isn’t traditionally known as a passing track, meaning passing was sometimes a challenge. You’ll be amazed at the number of lines from which you can choose. They’re everywhere! Now with split lanes and countless lines, riders will have options and racing with be all the more exciting for riders and spectators alike.

Here’s some more big news. At last count, there are 9 potential track layouts. Nine different tracks? No, one track, but with the ability to change for different events. You’ll never be bored with the same old, same old at Portland Trail Riders.

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