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Bark Buster : Portland Hare Scramble

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Editor's Note: This article is about the Michigan D14 Hare Scramble Series. For the motocross community, there is a whole other segment to the dirt bike racing you may not know about, Cam gives his thoughts on the event and how his race went.   (Photos By:

  Last Sunday, Portland Trail Riders hosted their annual spring hare scramble which was Round 2 of the 2018 D14 Hare Scramble series. A huge turnout of riders made the trek out to participate and compete in the event. One of the major changes that rider’s faced this year was the overhauled motocross track that was most likely a first chances to even ride the new layout and obstacles. Portland had a roughly 4 mile course. The motocross start stretch was the same for the hare scramble. We had to fit hundreds of riders onto a somewhat short approach to the first corner which made it possibly feel a bit claustrophobic for some. But off-road riders have a lot of manners and we all got along and made room for all. The course immediately followed the motocross circuit and used the first few sections of it. The next mile or so was essentially the woods portion of the course. The endurocross section was the first portion. A rock garden, tires, and a few logs were essentially the gist of it. After that, the course had many twists and turns but was not very technical and did not cause many bottlenecks. There was plenty of room for faster riders to get around and not intimidate others. The track returned to the main motocross track did a few more sections of that and went straight for the bean fields in the back side. There was some very fast course out in this area. Many riders had to have been in the higher gears. A grass track that weaved through the fields and more motocross rounded out the 4 mile layout. The soil had a mix of sand which mainly was present in the open parts of the track and a harder clay base in the grass track and woods portions.

My day was quickly done before it even got rolling. Right away out of the start my

clutch lever was not right and quickly in 3 laps I smoked a clutch terribly. It was very disappointing. DNF’s are never fun and I hate them. I’d rather be last all day and finish than not even get to ride the full race. It was a waste of a day. This was a wakeup call since for a bit of time we’ve experimented with different clutch springs and fibers. As a result, I will be investing in a TorqDrive Rekluse. I have heard testimony of the durability of this product and if it can add insurance to me then I will take that was money well invested.

Congrats to Shane Spangler from Grand Haven taking home the overall on his KTM 125sx. He took the lead midway but it was never given as he and second place, Chanse Meylan were within a minute or two of each other the entire time keeping it interesting until the end.

The new motocross track was awesome! Thank you club members for all that you do and allow us to race because of the long days of putting up ribbon and prepping your property for a zoo of riders to come as always. There were flyers being handed out as the club is looking for new members. If you are a big dirt bike addict perhaps being a part of an organization that shares the same passion as you would be rewarding. Look into it!

Well, I will be at the X-Factor GNCC next weekend in Peru, Indiana. This is not a D14 event but I recommend anyone to be a part of the experience and race one of these. Last year it was a mud fest but it is still essentially a new venue to the circuit which means a fresh course for all. During the weekend of Twin Bay Trail

Riders I will be at Valley MX helping out Jason Raines with Yamaha Demos. If you

are in the neighborhood of Stanton, MI. Come check us out and try out a Yamaha!


Good luck to everyone at the Twin Bay Riders event up north I will see all of you soon!

#681 Cameron Prochnow


CLICK -->  D14  Hare Scrambles ,  to learn more about the events in the coming year 

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