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Race Reports - Valley & Baja - Memorial Day weekend

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Were Going to cover Valley and Baja's Memorial day events this week, Al and Adam both share their thoughts, and experiences on how the weekend went.

2018 Baja FarkenGruven 

Photos By Chad Heatherington see his work HERE

The 2nd running of the Baja Acres Farkengruven is in the books! I hope everyone who came out for the event had a blast and enjoyed a perfectly prepped track for their extra long motos. What a difference adding 4-5 laps to a typical moto makes. I myself had to dig deep in the second half of each of my motos with Trevor Gundlock breathing down my neck!  A few takeaways from the event that stand out to me were how much more riding time you get, how much your endurance actually counts, and the ability to focus on your consistency throughout each moto. With 8-9 laps per moto, racers aren’t doomed with a poor start. Whether you’re racing for the lead or not, the ability to look back at your lap times over the course of 9 laps vs the typical 4 laps is huge. A lot of racers can sprint but to be elite you must be consistent from start to finish. I think this is all valuable for racers looking to do well at the larger amateur events and those who are trying to race some of the professional rounds.  On a local race weekend I would have had to sign up for 2 classes to log the 17 laps I had in just one class. Both motos were finished by 11:30 am and I was done for the day! Doesn’t get much better than that! For those that weren’t able to make it to Baja there’s another Farkengruven round this upcoming weekend at Michigan Mafia MXC! This race format will be offered at each of the GLMX tracks throughout the season, make sure you give one a try and see what it’s all about! I’m heading to Lakewood Colorado this week for the 3rd round of the Pro motocross series and to compete in the 125-Allstar race! I’ll be recapping that event next week, hope everyone has a great week of riding, see you all soon! Al Morrison


2018 Valley MX Memorial Day weekend 

Photos By STPmx Check them out HERE

Hot Temps and packed pits, Valley's memorial day weekend festivities.  With the rains just missing the track by mere miles, the Valley crew was hard at work dumping over 100,000 gallons of moisture into the track all three days,  the event went off with no delays and motos dropping on schedule.   

With a big turnout all weekend, the battles were hot and heavy.  Randy Woodring and Kyle Kohler were standouts in 30 and 35+ during the weekend, but the minis also had their battles, Hunter Delp and Logan Skover swapped motos in 50 Sr.  as well as 14+ with Brandon Dickson winning the 1st moto only to fall in the first corner in moto 2 and hand the moto win and overall to Austin Wazny.   

With pitbike racing during the night Sat and Sun, as well as the annual Memorial lap Monday, Steve, Amy and the entire Valley staff outdid themselves this weekend,  be sure to check out Valley Motocross on 4th of July weekend coming up.


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