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Loretta Lynns 2018 - Part 4 the Minis

Wednesday, the day the 50cc motos start, traditionally the youngest riders run in the middle of the day Weds-Thurs-Fri, to showcase the pros of 2027, The Yamaha, Cobra, Ktm and Husky mounted kids that range from 4 to 8 years old. The Michigan 50 riders have great mini tracks to ride, but nothing compares to the rough and rutted Loretta's race surface. Watch the little guys the next 2 days and also watch if the weather is a factor

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50 4-6 Shaft

As the 1st 50cc Shaft Class started, and the quiet hum of 41 Yamaha PW50s made there way around the track, young Zane Lobretto from Galesburg, MI made his way around the circuit battling for the first place position, unfortunately Zane would have issues on lap two and drop to 7th position, but would make his way past a rider in the shorter 50cc motos to finish 6th in his first Loretta Lynns appearance. Young Levi Leddy, from Saginaw would start 40th and make his way back past a couple riders to finish 36th, look for a better race in moto 2 from our PW riders.


The defending national champ, Jay Wagner, member of the RedBud family, came out of the start in 3rd place, looking to repeat on his win in 2017. Alas it was not to be as Wagner went down in a rut in the back section known as "Storyland" after the ten commandments, he would remount in 16th and make a hard charge from behind and eventually chipped his way up to 6th. Look for "Body Bag Wagner" to improve as the motos continue.

D14 Chairman Kreg Bigelow, of Swartz Creek, MI finished up 20th in Moto 1

Kreg went down hard in the 2nd 50+ moto, still waiting on an update on his condition, please send positive thoughts his way.

Speaking of Bigelows, Kreg's son Kanon holeshot the 2nd 125C moto taking home a $100 from Bell helmets and finished up 14th as the checkers flew.

More Race reports and motos to come troughought the week


Here is a look at the MI riders finishes, as Day 2 came to an end.

Moto 1 and Moto 2 Finishes


Moto 1 16th #30 BIGELOW, Kanon Swartz Creek, MI 21st #44 WELLMAN, Hunter Pinckney, MI 23rd #98 CHASE SCALF CLARKSTON, MI 41st #57 HANNER, Jonathon Columbiaville, MI

Moto 2

14th #30 BIGELOW, Kanon Swartz Creek, MI

15th #57 HANNER, Jonathon Columbiaville, MI 21st #44 WELLMAN, Hunter Pinckney, MI 33rd #98 CHASE SCALF CLARKSTON, MI


Moto 1