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MXON - Event info and Frequently Asked Questions




Michigan !

REDBUD Motocross of Nations!

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MXON is October 6-7 Be sure to buy your tickets HERE

Pertinent information for fans attending the RedBud MXoN:

* Event web site:

* General Admission tickets are discounted online through September 23: $10 off a weekend ticket and $5 off a Sunday ticket.

* General Admission tickets will be available online at regular price after September 23, and will also be available at the event.

* Pit Passes will be available at the track, and are not sold online. Cost is $35 and provides access to the pits during posted times Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

* Daily parking is available at the track, U.S. currency only, for $30/day Saturday and Sunday.

* What’s not available at the track? Camping (sold out), RV parking in daily lots, and overnight parking in daily lots. However, all of these are available at the nearby Berrien County Youth Fairgrounds, with free shuttles to and from the track. Visit and click Camping or Parking for details.



Event Format

This information is presented early for your convenience; times and details are tentative and will be updated as necessary. Additional daily events, and event times will be filled in as details become available.


GATES open 10:00am until 12:00am. Track area midway open 2:00pm to 7:00pm; track infield will be open for at least a portion of this time.


GATES open 9am until 12:00am. Track area midway open 12:00pm to 7:00pm; track infield will be open for at least a portion of this time. 2018 MXoN Team Introductions at 5pm from the podium/skybox located at the starting line. Paddock will be open from 2pm – 7pm for paddock pass holders.

There will be an entertainment program at the night track/camping area Friday and Saturday, when no official track activities are scheduled. Check our posts for announcements! @redbudmx, RedBud Motocross


See track schedule below.

GATES open 7am until 4pm. GATES CLOSED FROM 4PM UNTIL 7PM – or later if needed – FOR EXIT TRAFFIC! No entry during these times. Gates reopen 7pm until 12am. Track area open 7:30am until 7pm. Paddock open from 8am – 7pm for paddock pass holders. Thor Pit Bike of Nations race – 8:30pm (night track).


See track schedule below.

GATES open at 7:00am. Track area opens at 7:30am. Results tallied; podium celebration on the starting line.


Frequently Asked Questions



Where are you located? We are located 3 miles north of Buchanan, Michigan with entrances on Red Bud Trail and Main Street. Red Bud Trail (Gate C)| GPS 41.869987, -86.363416 | MAP LINK Main Street (Gate D)| GPS 41.870888, -86.380489 | MAP LINK Please note that ALL CAMPERS MUST USE GATE C. RVs will not be admitted to any other lots or entrances.

Where is the Welcome Office? The Welcome Office is in Buchanan, just east of Red Bud Trail on River Street. GPS 41.833010, -86.353615 | MAP LINK

Are golf carts, pit-bikes and pets allowed? No golf carts. No pit-bikes. No motorized vehicles of any kind. Pets can be in any Lot A campsite if you have an RV – they have to stay in the campsite. You cannot take them to the track.

Will the riders still hit Larocco’s leap? Of course!

Is it possible to buy the event t-shirt online? Probably after the event at

Are pedal bikes allowed on the grounds? Yes, in the campgrounds. Just not at the track area.

Do you know of any public transportation from South Bend to the track? No, sorry. Try Uber or Lyft, but make sure they will come back to get you!


Will tickets to MXoN be available at the gate on race day? YES!

Is it possible for General Admission/weekend passes to sell out? Not in our wildest imagination. Tickets will be available at the gate.

Where and when can I buy a paddock (pit) pass? How much? They will be available at the track for $35. They are not available online.

If I have a Saturday/Sunday General Admission ticket, and I buy the $35 paddock pass, am I able to enter the pits Friday night? Yes, it’s good Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Hours for Friday are 2-7pm.

Is it possible to buy just a ticket for Saturday, Oct. 6? No, sorry. But there is a Sunday only ticket.

I bought tickets online and they all have my name on them. Are my husband and kids going to have a problem getting in with these tickets? No. We don’t check IDs; we only scan the barcode on the tickets. All he needs to get his ticket is a valid barcode.

I bought weekend GA tickets. Can I go in the pits/paddock? Not with the GA ticket. Pit passes will be available at the track for $35 – They are good for Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

If I bought a Sunday ticket, can I exchange it for a weekend ticket? Sure! Bring your Sunday ticket to the event and we can upgrade it to a weekend ticket for $45.

I have VIP Gold tickets. Will the Holeshot Club be included with these tickets? No – they’re separate areas. The VIP areas are: VIP Gold, VIP Silver, Holeshot Club.


I’ve rented an RV and purchased my tickets. I can just come to the track and pay for camping, right? No! Camping at the track has been sold out for over a month. Camping is available nearby at the Berrien County Youth Fairgrounds, with free shuttles to and from the track. Electric hookups, water at each site, showers and restrooms, free Wi-Fi. Click CAMPING at for more information.

I bought a camping pass. Do I also need to buy a general admission ticket for the race itself? Yes, you do. A camping pass is needed for a camping vehicle. Each person needs a General Admission ticket (wristband).

Does a weekend pass include camping? No, it’s a General Admission pass good for a person to enter the track Thursday through Sunday. It’s all you need to see the races and all the activities outside the paddock, but it does not include parking or camping. However, you can visit the campgrounds if you have friends there.

I have a camping pass. What’s the earliest I can come to the track? Thursday, October 4that 10am.

I have a campsite and we are bringing a motor home. Wondering if the extra car pass can be a pick up truck with a camper attachment in the bed of the truck? No, sorry. One camping vehicle per site.

How many people can fit in a campsite? Like how many bands can you get for a camper and a car? Maximum 1 camper per site; you can have an extra car if you buy a pass for it. Maximum 2 cars and 2 tents per site. Maximum 8 people per site. We don’t make this stuff up; these are based on Michigan campground rules.

I bought camping Lot ____ (A2, A2, A3, A5, B, C). How do I know which spot to park in? You’ll have your choice of available spaces in your lot when you arrive. However, we can’t let you park in the middle of a row, as that could block a big camper from accessing the empty space next to you. So pick your row and take the next open space.

Can I save a spot for my friend who’s coming in later? Yes, you can save onespace next to you. If your friend has a big camper, make sure you choose a space next to the end of a row so they can get into their space easily.

Can I park outside the gate to wait? No! Please see below and use the staging area.

Is there early arrival staging for campers like at the National? Yes, at the fairgrounds! You can get in line as early as 6pm Wednesday and will have a police escort to the track when we open Thursday morning. Campers in staging will be the first through the gate. Enter the fairgrounds at the intersection of Sylvester Ave and Shawnee Rd in Berrien Springs, Michigan. Map link: (FYI, the River Street parking lot we use for staging in July is NOT available for staging. It’s the Welcome Office location for this event.)

Do you have any hookups? No hookups.

We were thinking about pulling a small pop up camper with our motor home, is this allowed? This one is a technicality, because only one camping vehicle is allowed in a site. But if you’re towing something small, we’ll consider it one vehicle.

Is there water to fill tanks, and sewer pump service available? Yes, these are available from outside vendors. They charge a reasonable fee based on the tank size. They won’t start until Friday afternoon, so make sure you come in with a full water tank and empty sewer tank! I’m on the waiting list. Is there any update on additional campsites available? Not at the track, but full hookup camping is available at the Berrien Country Youth Fairgrounds and includes free shuttles to and from the track Friday through Sunday:


Will there be any overnight parking for people driving up separately but camping with someone? ONLY at the fairgrounds, and you can take a free shuttle to the track! There is no overnight parking in the daily parking lots at the track.

How often are the shuttles running? Are they going to be stopped by the traffic or do they have a different route? They have the best possible route – The one no GPS is going to use! It should be about a 40-minute round trip by the time they drop off and get turned around and back for the next pickup. Shuttles run non-stop Friday 12pm – 12am (last pickup at the track at 11:30pm); Saturday and Sunday 7am – 1pm, and 5pm – 1am (last pickup at the track at 12:30am).

Is daily parking available at the track? How much? Yes, there is ample parking available at the track. Daily cost is: Thursday: no charge. Friday: $10. Saturday: $30. Sunday: $30. U.S. currency only. We cannot take credit cards in the parking lots.

Is there street bike parking? Yes; no charge for street bikes. Parking staff will direct you. You can use either Gate C or D.

I’ll be traveling in my RV and don’t have a car. Can I park at the track? Sorry, no. But you can park at the fairgrounds and take a free shuttle to the track!

I’m staying with my friends in their RV. Can I just park my car and leave it all weekend? Not at the track, but you can leave it at the fairgrounds and take a free shuttle to the track. There’s no overnight parking at the track, except for people with camping passes than buy a pass for an extra car to park in their campsite.


I’m hearing we aren’t allowed to bring beer. Can you elaborate on that please? You can bring your own alcohol to campsites and parking lots – just NO GLASS BOTTLES. You can enjoy your own beverages at your campsite or tailgate in the parking lot during intermissions, etc. You can’t bring alcohol into the track area (past the wristband check point).

Will beer be available at the track? Yes! There will be several beer stands in the vending area/midway, and in the track infield.

Have you added food vendors? Will there be enough food? Yes, several food vendors have been added.


About MI Moto Media in 2018

Along with the changes we have made to the site, we are expanding to cover all of Michigan Motosports with our new sites, Motocross has and always will be our biggest passion and main focus, but we are gaining some great writers, photojournalists and people passionate about Off-Road competition to help us in our quest to help grow rider and spectator turnouts in the state, thanks to all those who have supported us and lookout for big things coming soon!

See you at the races !!

#redbud #MotocrossofNations

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