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MXON - Race Report

MXON Race Report

Race 1 – MXGP + MX2

Starting off Team USA had 9th gate pick and Rider #26 Aaron Plessinger was given the inside gate with the number #25 of Eli Tomac relegated to the outside pick, after the start everyone was looking and the Yamaha of Aaron Plessinger came around in the top 7 battling again with Team France’s #3 Dylan Ferrandis. The Riders were racing forward when Plessinger went down! He remounted outside the top 20 and eventually mad his way back to the 18th position with Tomac finishing in the #4 spot

Race 2 – MX2 + Open

Another Terrible Start for team USA as the #27 of Justin Barcia and # 26 of Plessinger came around 13 -31 respectively, both riders never faltered but the Redbud circuit demanded much of the riders skill to make moves, Barcia rode up to the 9th position and Plessinger finished a respectable 13th the real stars of the moto were the MX2 riders of Hunter Lawrence, Ben Watson and Jeremy Seewer who finished 2-3-and 5th respectably on their 250f bikes

Race 3 – MXGP + Open

Coming into moto 3 with all the odds against them the USA team failed to make a good spot around the 1st turn, with Barcia in 21st and Tomac outside the top 30. Both riders put in a charge and at the ½ way point it was Barcia 10th and Tomac 11th, Tomac made a move on his team mate and tried to catch up to the 9th place rider, alas it was not to be as Tomac went down but only lost a spot to his teammate. As the laps wore on it was Team France and Team Italy with the battle for the Nations Win. The White flag came out and it was apparent that Team France had their 5th win in a row on lock. Eli Tomac ended up 7th and Barcia came home in 13th.


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