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D14 Motocross welcomes back 4 tracks for 2019

Have you heard the word?    For the 2019 Season District 14 Motocross welcomes RedBud MX, Log Road MX, Dutch Sport Park and formerly independent track Michigan Mafia MXC.  After a stalled attempt in 2018, the now former Great Lakes Motocross (GLMX) tracks will be D14 in 2019.

(Official Release) GLMX Director Bart Newman is happy to announce that RedBud, Log Road and Dutch Sport Park will once again be an integral part of D14 Motocross. This was due to the hard work and dedication of D14 MX Chairman Kreg Bigelow and efforts of both the D14 MX tracks and the GLMX tracks to make this merger work. talked to key players and existing D14 Tracks about this news.  Newman stated “there was a lot of time and energy put in to this success story and as an old racer from the glory days of D14 I was happy to be a small part of the plan”   When asked Kreg Bigelow, D14 MX Chairman said “ Awesome that the tracks were able to come back to the organization and we are excited for 2019”  , Kreg added  about Michigan Mafia MXC (formerly Freelin MX)  “The East side of the state is an important part of the state, and we look forward to the east side D14 racers enjoying the new track”

In addition Mark Powers, of Big Air MX commented “We are stoked to have those guys under the D14 umbrella, Big Air thinks this will benefit the riders and families of Michigan motocross, we would like all the tracks under the D14 banner”   and on the club side Jerry Lorenz Sr, of Portland Trail riders added “We are really excited to have all the tracks working together. We want what is best for the state and all the racers involved. The brotherhood of the mx community is what this sport is all about. And to have such outstanding tracks involved will make all of us grow”

With this development, most of the tracks are under the D14 banner with a total of 13.

About District 14 MX : Made up of a combination of club tracks and independent promotors with a shared series consisting of a D14 Championship and AMA Michigan State Championship.

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