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REV UP - October 1 - 6

Updated: Oct 2, 2019

UPDATED 09.30.19 @ 9.00am

About OGs' ----

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First up every year the AMA D14 asks for your input on the sport and what they can do better, the tracks WILL read your suggestions in November , so please don't put "get rid of sandbaggers" you need to have a clear and thoughtful method to deal with the issue and explain it well, so make sure your suggestion is a good one. (Also there are almost NO real Triples in the state just an FYI)

In addition this year the D14 is asking for your input on RIDER and PARENT of the year awards.

CLICK HERE to get your voice heard

Looking UP Ahead

Bulldog MC - Sunday only - is running D14 racing SPLIT PROGRAM State Championship + Mini MOTO Challenge

Dutch Sport Park is running AMA D14 racing Saturday - Regular track and Sunday - Muskrat run (extra length track)

Lots of extra activities too - Details HERE


Saturday, Oct 5

Dutch Sport Park, Bloomingdale MI Racing - AMA D14 Straight program


Martin MX - Martin, MI Practice - 10am-4pm

Zeigler MX - Kalamazoo, MI

Practice - 9am-2pm

Supercoop MX - Maybee, MI

Practice -10am-4pm

Sunday, Oct 6-

Bulldogs MC - Millington, MI

Racing - D14 State Championship SPLIT program

Dutch Sport Park, Bloomingdale MI Racing - AMA D14 Straight program + Muskrat run ------

Martin MX - Martin, MI

Practice - 12pm-5pm

Twisted MX - Milan, MI

Practice - 11am-5pm

Sandbox MX Practice -

Baja Acres MX

Practice - 12-5

Log Road MX

Practice - 12 - 5

Others ---- Check their pages for updates -

Morelands MX Practice 10am-Dark CLICK HERE for more info

Ogemaw Sports Practice 10am-Dark CLICK HERE for more info

Keep watch on here and OUR FACEBOOK for any updates from the tracks