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WEEKEND WARRIOR - April 14-16, 2023

UPDATED 04/13/223 @ 3 pm -


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As winter fades away and the weather starts to warm up, motocross enthusiasts eagerly anticipate the spring season's start. One of the highlights of this time of year is the opening of the tracks, offering riders fresh challenges and opportunities for adrenaline-pumping racing.

This weekend a record number of Easter weekend riders flocked to Valley MX for a weekend of racing, the Track was lengthened from the old layout and the extra length, combined with the addition of our ATV brethren, made racing stretch into that 7 pm hour. For Sunday the track was shortened and the races ran on time until a bad crash in Moto 17 caused a medical delay of almost an hr, and the last few motos finished around 6:30 pm. Prayers and thoughts to the rider for a full recovery.

The riders for the most part seemed to like the addition of Transponder scoring along with the high-speed cameras at the finish line, however, there were some issues, some of them rider related (putting the wrong transponder on the wrong bike or not charging their owned transponders) , some of them due to a software glitch, it sounds like the points will be updated shortly on the D14 site.

Photos By Seatbounce Photography