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WEEKEND WARRIOR - April 2-3 2022

UPDATED 03/31/22 @ 6:30am -


The Weekend Warrior for 2022 is brought to you by TCD Racing!

Tech-Care Suspension started in 1988 by Dave Bowman. Dave saw a need in the industry to offer his customers a safe, competitive option in their suspension needs. Dave Bowman’s expertise stems from being a professional MX racer and his verse certifications in suspension servicing in the past 30+ years. Tim Bennett partnered into Tech-Care Trackside in 2012, with the main focus of providing exceptional trackside support to the elite MX/SX clientele. Over the next few years Tech-Care Trackside transitioned in to TechCare Development (TCD Racing), focusing on product development, R & D, rider development, and expanding rider support. TCD Racing is currently located in Michigan with a 6200+ square foot building, with 50ft mobile unit used for testing and trackside support.​ TCD is committed to providing you excellent service, so you always choose TCD for your suspension and engine services! Contact TCD @ 248.795.2295 or visit them on the web


Weekend Highlight: FIRST D14 MX of the YEAR @ Bulldogs M/C

This weekend's Highlighted Event is at Bulldogs M/C in Millington, MI

April 2-3

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NOTE: More events can be added, keep checking back for updates

SATURDAY, April 2nd

Racing -

Bulldogs M/C -VINTAGE only

Practice -