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Welcome to Riding at some public tracks in 2020, or at least we hope, Michigan Motocross has been in contact with the AMA, Tracks, and local health agencies, from what we have gathered this weekend (May 2-3), will be the first weekend we can start opening the tracks up. As far as racing is concerned, it may be June or a possible July start for the D14 race schedule, this is still a fluid and fast-moving situation and may change at any time.

Here is what we know as of May 1, 2020, at 8am: the local agencies (Health and law enforcement) have the say in what's happening, the governers office was contacted, but as of this article, we have got no update from them on what their stance is. Some tracks, depending on location and local guidelines will have a very strict and limited rider count, other tracks may be able to run more riders, have no spectators, and still, more cannot open at all because of their local guidelines. This is basically a test run weekend, so be prepared for things not to be as smooth as normal anywhere. Bring exact change, your own pens, and above all ride at your ability, to avoid any emergency medical issues.

NOTE: Some Private tracks, such as Todd Dravk's Cottonwood Compound and GeigerLand have plans of riding or have been riding recently but as they are not a truly "public" track they will not be included in our schedule until we can talk to them.

Please follow the CDC's recommended guidelines for social distancing and remember to ease into riding, be safe and we should be back to riding more tracks soon.

The public Michigan Tracks that ARE OPEN this weekend are:

Twisted MX - Milan, MI: Riding Sat May 2 and Sun May 3

NO Limit on riders - must follow recommendations on social distancing

Morelands MX Park - Stanton, MI: Riding Sat May 2 and Sunday, May 3

Limited Riding Spots - you need to reserve a spot to ride, the day will be split into 2x five hour sessions

Link for Appointment HERE

Link for Waiver HERE

SUPERCOOP MX - Maybee, MI - Friday May 1, 4-8pm & Saturday 10-4pm

No Rider Limit - see restrictions

BAJA ACRES - Millington, MI open Sat & Sun 12pm-5pm

Open Ride Sat & Sun May 2/3. 12-5pm WITH CONDITIONS READ BELOW!

These policies and implementations will continue until further notice.

Due to COVID-19 procedures we have additional policies for attendees. These have to be observed and obeyed in order for us to engage in an outdoor recreational activity consistent with remaining at least six feet from people to ensure public safety.

Additional Policies:

There are no spectators allowed. Riders only. The only exception to a non-rider is if the rider is a minor and one guardian/parent will be allowed per rider. Unfortunately for now this eliminates all trainers, photographers and non-riding siblings, family or friends.

Limiting interaction: Please bring your own PEN for waiver signage; be ready with EXACT CASH ONLY / NO CREDIT. $5 per person admission + Main Track-$30 per rider / JR.track-$20 per rider.

Attendees are required to park no less than 10' apart and to remain at least 6' apart from all other attendees at all times. There is an abundance of parking area so please spread out.

Hand sanitizer is available in public porta pottys, also available at the outdoor sign up building.

Some form of face mask protection is recommended by all attendees at all times. Not needed when riding.

Anyone feeling any symptoms of illness stay home do not attend.

All bleachers and the playground are closed. No Fires, No Camping.

DO NOT LITTER, don’t expect someone else to pick up your trash.

Follow all normal rules NO parking lot riding etc.

As usual BAJA ACRES will have prepped tracks, Safety Flaggers, Safety lights, and mobile Paramedic medical staff.

Yes, fat whips are allowed.

Thank you for your cooperation, and your needed support. Now let’s be safe and enjoy the outdoors!

SEE you at the track!


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