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WEEKEND WARRIOR - March 31- April 2, 2023

Updated: Apr 1

UPDATED 04/31/223 @ 3 pm - Bulldogs Practice Cancel


The Weekend Warrior for 2023 is brought to you by TCD Racing!

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Wow, it's been a minute, welcome to the 2023 season! Lots going on, online chatter, changes in the AMA D14 Board, Rules, and Classes, and we lost track.

NEW Rules and Classes 2023

Starting off in November each year after the racing season the AMA D14 puts out a request for rule changes, with hundreds of requests and hours of discussion these can range from something as vague as "give us more laps" to something as detailed as a comprehensive overhaul with the addition or elimination of classes, age changes, etc.

AMA Changes :

The American Motorcyclist Association has announced a massive change to the 2023 AMA Racing Rules for the upcoming season.

We got a tip regarding the change and checked the rulebook, which you can find here, and boom there it was.

Going forward, chest AND back protection will be required for ALL competitors in Youth Classes in AMA competition. It is highly recommended that it be worn by all competitors.

So if you are 17 or under please wear those chest protectors

D14 Specific Changes :

  • The 50 SR 7-8 LTD class has become a 4-8 LTD, and the same limited rules are in place, however, now you can be 4-6 and race that class, however, you cannot ride JR after you have advanced yourself to SR

  • 50 SR 7-8 LTD now allows you to race the KTM/Cobra/Husky/Gas Gas Ebikes as well as in the 50 Open (Charge those Batteries People )

  • 50 Riders Can NOT race Big Track and Small track on the same day/event, this is to help the parents running back and forth between big and little tracks and possibly missing races and causing issues with the track's race schedule.

  • The 30+ Class had Limited attendance in 2022, as such it was changed to a 25+ to possibly get more racers in the class.

  • The Non-Current Class was changed to (Model year 10 years or older, no EFI) eliminating the more current EFI/DFI bikes from a class intended for older bikes.

  • Vet Novice was renamed to Vet Beginner to more accurately depict the class and help riders understand that it is intended for Beginner C/D Class Level racers

The Cost of Racing : A look at where each track stands in 2023

(Editors note: the cost shown here were gathered via phone calls, or we went off the most up to date information on the track websites, these are all SUBJECT TO CHANGE )

The cost of Racing 2023 and what that means to the riders and their families, the world has been a crazy place the last few years and the MX track has been a beacon of normality. In 2023 we are seeing the first increase since 2009, when classes went from $25 to $30,

First off, the price of fuel, food, insurance, and other things is nothing any of us can control, and as such those impact the tracks directly. Mostly gone are the days of the dollar menu drive-thru, Dollar Tree increased everything by 25%, and don’t get us started on the cost of Netflix, but for 13 years we have not seen an increase in the cost of racing MX (across the board anyhow.)

$30 in 2009 money is now $41 in 2023 money, as we see the chatter on social media and the uproar on some of these increases, please keep that in mind, almost nothing we buy today is the same as it was 14 years ago. Does anyone honestly believe the tracks haven’t been eating these increasing costs for as long as they could?

As you can see by the chart below, each track is its own business and has a different way of doing things, from the ages of an "Adult" at the gate or if they offer a transponder scoring system.

- Note: there are currently 3 Transponder Scoring companies offered in the state, and each works directly with the tracks they service and works out the fees and rentals directly with the track on an individual basis


Gate Fee "Adult"

Gate Fee Youth

Free Ages

Track has TransponderScoring

Race Entry

Big Air

12+ $12/day

4-11 $6/day




Battle Creek

13+ $10/day

0-12 Non Racers


$40/Class with Transponder


4+ $10/day



$40/Class with Transponder


13+ $10/day

5-12 $5/day



$35/Class Plus Transponder rental $10


12+ $15/day*

0-11 Non Racers


$35/Class with Transponder

Log Road

7+ $15/day*

0-6 Non Racers


$35/Class Plus Transponder rental $TBD

Polka Dots

13+ $10/day

0-12 Non Racers


TBD for 2023 (2022 price was $30 without Transponder)


13+ $10/day

0-12 Non Racer



Red Bud

12+ $15/day

0-11 Non Racers


TBD for 2023 (2022 price was $40 with Transponder)


7+ $10/day

0-6 Non Racers


$40/Class - Includes Transponder

Valley MX

10+ $10/day

0-9 Non Racers



Morelands MX

8+ $10/day

0-7 Non Racers

YES* Race Ready

$35/Class w Transponder

Dirt Inc

​6+ $5/day

0-5 Non Racers




The featured event this week is the Loretta Lynn Area Qualifier

for all the Info Click HERE

AMA and D14 memberships are required


FULL March 31- March 2 SCHEDULE

NOTE: More events can be added, keep checking back for updates

FRIDAY April 30th

Practice -

Log Road MX - for all the Info Click HERE


SATURDAY, March 1st

Racing -

Log Road MX - for all the Info Click HERE

Practice -

Bulldogs M/C - CANCELLED

SUNDAY, April 2nd

Racing -

Log Road MX - for all the Info Click HERE

Bulldogs M/C - Split Program

Practice -

Baja Acres - 12pm-5pm

Sandbox MX - 11:30am-5pm

Check back for updates as More Tracks maybe added

Maybe open :

Morelands SX Park (click the link to visit their FB Page and see the latest updates)

Kress Training Complex (click the link to visit their FB Page and see the latest updates)

Ogemaw Sport & Trail Center Motocross Campground (click the link to visit their FB Page and see the latest updates)

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