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WEEKEND WARRIOR - March 31- April 2, 2023

Updated: Apr 1

UPDATED 04/31/223 @ 3 pm - Bulldogs Practice Cancel


The Weekend Warrior for 2023 is brought to you by TCD Racing!

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Wow, it's been a minute, welcome to the 2023 season! Lots going on, online chatter, changes in the AMA D14 Board, Rules, and Classes, and we lost track.

NEW Rules and Classes 2023

Starting off in November each year after the racing season the AMA D14 puts out a request for rule changes, with hundreds of requests and hours of discussion these can range from something as vague as "give us more laps" to something as detailed as a comprehensive overhaul with the addition or elimination of classes, age changes, etc.

AMA Changes :

The American Motorcyclist Association has announced a massive change to the 2023 AMA Racing Rules for the upcoming season.

We got a tip regarding the change and checked the rulebook, which you can find here, and boom there it was.

Going forward, chest AND back protection will be required for ALL competitors in Youth Classes in AMA competition. It is highly recommended that it be worn by all competitors.

So if you are 17 or under please wear those chest protectors